Nacho Mom

She's not your mom...
Just something I made for work.  Nothing too special, but it was still really fun to do.  This is just what happens when you ask me to draw a MILF with a plate of nachos.


The Lady Sif

I'm more of a DC guy, but I can't help but love Sif and Thor.

Babs the Barbarian

Another OC.  Babs the Barbarian.  She's tough.

Hat Girl

She has a hat...

The Storyteller w/ Pumpkinhead

An OC by me, made as a horror host for my buddy's 'Tales from the Crypt'-esque horror zine.  Hopefully more from her in the future.  But for now, she's got a story to tell you.

SweetPea + Honeywagon

My OC, SweetPea.  She's not what she seems.  She also has a sweet ride by the name of The Honeywagon!

Charlie Dump


 My OC, Charlie.  She's a monkey.  Expect to see much of her.

Why you always predatoring on dudes?!

I'm an Adventure Time fan, so here's a creepy Ice Queen.  
Drawing creepy stuff is fun.  TEEFS!

Cup O' Doodle 001

A couple of shapes done for Cup O' Doodle.

Sketchbook Dump 001

Just a collection of pages from my sketchbooks.


Hsien-Ko fanart at the request of one of my art budz.