Chellin' Out!

My most recent submission to Cup O' Doodle!
You can check out the shape there!
P.S. Never played 'Portal', this was also for an art trade.


Nacho Mom

She's not your mom...
Just something I made for work.  Nothing too special, but it was still really fun to do.  This is just what happens when you ask me to draw a MILF with a plate of nachos.


The Lady Sif

I'm more of a DC guy, but I can't help but love Sif and Thor.

Babs the Barbarian

Another OC.  Babs the Barbarian.  She's tough.

Hat Girl

She has a hat...

The Storyteller w/ Pumpkinhead

An OC by me, made as a horror host for my buddy's 'Tales from the Crypt'-esque horror zine.  Hopefully more from her in the future.  But for now, she's got a story to tell you.

SweetPea + Honeywagon

My OC, SweetPea.  She's not what she seems.  She also has a sweet ride by the name of The Honeywagon!

Charlie Dump


 My OC, Charlie.  She's a monkey.  Expect to see much of her.

Why you always predatoring on dudes?!

I'm an Adventure Time fan, so here's a creepy Ice Queen.  
Drawing creepy stuff is fun.  TEEFS!

Cup O' Doodle 001

A couple of shapes done for Cup O' Doodle.

Sketchbook Dump 001

Just a collection of pages from my sketchbooks.


Hsien-Ko fanart at the request of one of my art budz.